Dolls Museum

Journey into the past

In ten minutes you will forget time, in 20 minutes you will forget the world!

Feel transported back to childhood.


Doll & Toy Museum Fulpmes

Treasured, loved and pampered. Hour-long fun in the world of fantasia.

The insightful and at the same time touching world of dolls and toys.

For years, Lore and Gilli Muigg have been passionately and affectionately collecting principally dolls, although they do have many other toys as well. This to prevent them from fading away from our memories and minds and from sinking into oblivion.

The result is a touching world people can wander through as they recall the wonderful moments and events of their childhood.


Opening hours

Thursday - Saturday
10.00 am - 12.00 am
02.15 pm - 05.30 pm

02.15 am - 05.30 pm